You Shall Not Commit Adultery

Alfredo Ramos Week 9

"Thou shall not commit adultery..." The 7th commandment in the 10 commandments - and the commandment that takes you into the privacy of the bedroom. This message talks through how to heal if you've been betrayed, how to heal if you have failed personally in this area, and how the ultimate faithfulness we desire to see can be found in Jesus.

God is a God of intimacy, and yet He knows the feelings of betrayal better than anyone. As you consider times in your life when you may have felt betrayed, take these hurts to Him. If you have betrayed someone (a spouse or a friend), confess this to God now, and ask Him to show you His love and forgiveness. Ask God to show you any steps you need to take to experience a deeper level of intimacy with Him, and others.

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Over the next 10 weeks, Sandals Church embarks on a journey to reimagine the 10 commandments as the rules and rhythms for a new life that God invites us into as we follow His Son, Jesus Christ. These 10 rules were not the way into a new life but a sign that God’s people were delivered to live a new life. First came deliverance and freedom. Then followed the rules for living, not the other way around.