Why I Need to Go to Church

Matt Brown Week 5

It's popular today to take the teachings of Jesus without the church. People are hard and the world is changing - is it really still necessary for your faith to gather once a week? Yes. For Christians, the church does more for your faith than you know, like reminding you of the power of God that saved. The church is essential for your faith.

When you consider your own value in God’s kingdom, what thoughts come to mind? Do you notice that your thoughts puff you up too much, or bring you down too low? Bring these thoughts before God, and ask Him to reveal His thoughts as they relate to your value in His eyes. What does He say about your role in helping spur His people toward love and good deeds? Ask God to empower you as you step into what He has called you to, and confess any fears or anxieties that may come up as you consider the magnitude of this.

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Whether you are a new Christian or have been a Christian for a long time, we all need to be asking ourselves, ‘What are the next steps for me in my personal walk with Jesus?’ Maybe you’re new to faith and don’t know where to start. Maybe you want to go deeper in your faith but don’t know how. Over the next 10 weeks, Sandals Church will be teaching through a masterclass of the essentials of a Christian life; what it looks like to follow Jesus and continue his work of multiplication in our individual lives.