Supporting the Mission God Gave Me

Matt Brown Week 6

Trusting God is the cornerstone to the Christian faith, but when it comes to finances & tithing, it can be tough. In Matthew 14, Jesus and His disciples find themselves at an impasse. With tens of thousands of people wanting to hear Jesus' words, they need to be fed. Jesus then takes some bread and fish from a young boy and multiplies it, feeding everyone-- with extra to spare. The secret is God can turn a little into a lot. He can take your gifts and do something big, but before anything you have to trust Him. When you bless Jesus, He will bless you in abundance.

Talk to God about your giving practices. What thoughts and feelings surface? Ask God to help you determine to what extent they reveal whether or not you are trusting God or yourself to provide. Discuss with Him what He reveals about your capacity to trust Him to provide financially for you. This week, pray for the financial needs of the church and what He wants you to do to help meet these needs.

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