When I Have Wounds

Alfredo Ramos Week 3

Does the Bible have anything to say about finding healing from trauma? It does - we just don't go deep enough. When you encounter Jesus, you encounter the one who the Scriptures say heals our wounds by his wounds... In The Gospel of John chapter 9, Jesus miraculously heals a man who was born blind, and what unfolds from the encounter is an unearthing of community rejection, religious barriers and trauma. In this strange story of healing, you can see how Jesus is interested in exposing our pain and trauma in order to give us true healing. This is a powerful story and message on hope for our own healing, and it is also a challenge to the church about being a place of safety for those looking for God, rather than a source of pain.

Ask God to reveal any shame you might be carrying from your wounded places in your heart. As you do, be reminded that Jesus is not afraid of your shame. Hand these places over to Him, inviting His healing touch over them. Next, ask God to breathe His life into these wounds so that you can experience full healing here. Are there any next steps you need to take to experience God’s healing more completely? Write down any steps you sense God is calling you to take and ask Him for the courage to do so this week.

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