Sharing Our Faith at the Table

Alfredo Ramos Week 4

How often have you judged someone because they looked a little different? What about the way that they talked, or something they said? What if, instead of judging someone based on your surface-level interpretation, you decided to understand them? Hospitality with your faith isn't always easy. You might even find yourself in an uncomfortable conversation or two, but it's vital to share what you believe the way that Jesus did: with the utmost love and compassion. Take some time to reflect on Pastor Fredo's words as you check out this sermon on how to share your faith at the table.

Pray for God to impress upon you a person or couple within your circle that He would like you to show hospitality to over a meal. What doors might be opened by listening to their story? Reflect on how God has transformed your life and be prepared to share this experience with them if God opens the door to do so.

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A teaching series on the practice and mindset of seeing and noticing people in our modern world. In our culture, we miss noticing others – noticing their needs, their stories, their personhood. In contrast to our culture, Jesus noticed people. He saw people’s situations and needs. He even saw the people who were disregarded and considered unimportant. Christianity therefore offers us a different way to engage with the world around us today: being aware and sensitive to others. Inspired by Philippians 2:3-4, the mentality prescribed for the Christian is to consider others as more important than ourselves.