How to Become a More Generous Person

Matt Brown Week 1

In a culture where greed and selfishness are so predominant, how do we allow ourselves to be marked by generosity? Generosity is a lot more than what you do with your money. Jesus was incredibly generous, yet He had little to nothing to His name. He was generous with His time, His affection, and His words. Even if you don't have much, how can you be more generous in your life? What do you need to sacrifice so you can give more?

Ask God to help you discern where in your life you tend to be greedy (time, things, words, money, affection, etc.) What are your thoughts and feelings about what was revealed? What dangers do you see in being greedy in this area? Talk to God about how generosity could help you escape from the control of this sin and bring God’s blessings instead? Picture what your life could look like in the distant future by becoming a more generous person.

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During the holiday season, it is easy to get caught up in the noisy and materialistic culture Christians are surrounded by that is focused on consumption and even greed. These moments of greed and selfishness keep us closed off to the beauty of giving to others and experiencing God in that. The Generous Like Jesus Series is about becoming generous in the way Jesus is toward the world. Be generous like Jesus—and together—we can invest in the future of sharing the gospel and help more people become real with themselves, God, and others.