Rejoice in the Truth

Christina Crowley Week 4

As Christina Crowley continues in 1 Corinthians 13, she assures us of the truth that nothing we do can separate us from God's love.


Think about the truth that God loves you deeply. What feelings and thoughts surface as you reflect on this truth? What in your background makes it hard for you to rely on this truth? Next, consider the lies that the Enemy has spoken to you. What is a lie that challenges your trust that God will always love you? Ask God to help you replace the Enemy’s lie with an assurance of His love for you and a confidence to reject the lie that challenges your trust.

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What is love? There are a lot of conversations in our culture today about what it believes love is. A lot of these conversations are centered around ideas like tolerance or acceptance. There is a cultural need to understand what love really is and how it is meant to impact our lives. Through this series—Love Is—our church will be shaped by a developed picture of what love is through scripture (1 Corinthians 13) and, through God’s definition, respond to these cultural conversations around what love is.