Asking God for the Miracle I Need

Matt Brown Week 2

As Pastor Matt continues our series, learning about the Miracles that God has performed, he challenges us to have open eyes to the ways that God wants to show up in our lives. Looking at the story of Jesus’ first public miracle—turning water into wine—we can see that if we need a miracle for ourselves or a loved one, all we need to do is ask.

Think about an area of your life in which you sense a need for God’s miraculous help. Picture what His help would look like in meeting your need? Pray for His help and thank Him for what He will do because you prayed and He loves you. If you are struggling to feel God’s love for you, ask Him to give you a reminder of just how extensively He loves you. Are there any moments or memories that God brings up as you ask? Thank Him for these now. Next, consider those in your life; ask God to impress upon you someone who needs Him to work in their life in a miraculous way, and begin praying for them regularly.

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