Missing the Miracle of Jesus

Alfredo Ramos Week 3

Miracles happen every day, but do we notice them? As Pastor Fredo breaks down the story of Palm Sunday, we can see that Jesus is already doing a miraculous work in our lives; it just might not be the miracle we were looking for!

Ask God if there are any ways He has revealed Himself in your life that you’ve been missing. Are there any expectations you’ve been carrying that God wants to disrupt for the sake of you seeing Him and His work more clearly? Are there any areas where you have been waiting on God, perhaps for an uncomfortably long time? Ask God to reveal Himself in these areas, paying attention to whatever work He has been doing in you as you have waited on Him. Invite God to continue that work in you; surrender any posture or expectations that you might have, inviting God to instead make His way into your life in whatever way He sees best.

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Miracles are real and still happening today. In this series, ‘Miracles,’ our church will be invited to rethink the miracles that Jesus performed while on earth, as well as the miracles that happen today. All while asking how these miracles point back to Jesus and the ultimate miracle: his resurrection.