3 Essentials for Multiplication

Alfredo Ramos Week 3

How do you multiply your faith? This isn't something a lot of Christians are thinking about right now. We get caught up in our routines, in the difficulties of life, or just the general sense of stress that comes with our culture and norms. Still, the journey to multiplying your faith is essential to the Christian walk, and we have to strive to grow wherever we can. Check out Pastor Alfredo Ramos' message on the multiplication of your faith as he covers Timothy 1:12-16, and what that means for you.

Consider your discipleship to Jesus. How would a close friend or spouse describe the kind of person you are becoming? Who or what is influencing you the most in who you are becoming? Ask God to show you a “rabbi” you are following that is not a good influence on you. What steps do you need to take to remove that influence? As you reflect on the qualities of character that enable you to be an effective discipler and multiplier; faithfulness, availability, and teachability; ask God which one should be your current focus. What is one action you can take to grow in this area?

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It's human nature to experience change, but what do you do when you stop growing? True transformation and growth will occur when we align ourselves with the mission given to us by Jesus. By recognizing our need for personal growth, embracing the call to multiply through relationships and discipleship, and surrendering to God's transformative work, we can fully embrace our mission and experience everything God has in store for us.