We All Follow Someone

Claude Hickman Week 2

The Bible's plan for Christians is that they would become leaders and teachers - people who know their faith, practice it and help others grow in theirs. How we become these leaders and teachers in the faith is by following Christians who are ahead of us and are willing to participate in our growing process. This is discipleship. Your challenge is to find someone ahead of you in the faith and follow them as they follow Christ.

Ask God some questions like, “To what extent am I growing spiritually? Where in my life am I spiritually stuck? In what aspects of my life would I benefit from being discipled by someone more spiritually mature than me? What type of person would be best for me? Where might I find them?” Ask God to guide you into what He wants you to do to participate in multiplying disciples.

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It's human nature to experience change, but what do you do when you stop growing? True transformation and growth will occur when we align ourselves with the mission given to us by Jesus. By recognizing our need for personal growth, embracing the call to multiply through relationships and discipleship, and surrendering to God's transformative work, we can fully embrace our mission and experience everything God has in store for us.