Why Feeling Grateful Isn’t Enough

Melody Workman Week 4

To be grateful is good, but to actually practice gratitude is so much more than that. By practicing gratitude, you are choosing to follow Jesus, even when you don't understand. You're promising to remain faithful, even when it's difficult. So many of us live like we know Jesus, but our actions just don't follow. Maybe you even feel grateful to God, but you don't go any deeper than that. You may not be allowing your faith to grow any further, and that matters to Jesus. Check out Melody Workman's message on "Why Feeling Grateful Isn't Enough", and comment below your thoughts or feelings! We'd love to hear from you.

What are some specific things you are especially grateful for? Have a conversation with Him about what He thinks about the gratitude you have expressed to Him for what He has done for you. Ask Him to help you discern what hinders you from expressing more gratitude. Are there any actions you can take to show your gratitude toward God for what He has done? Perhaps through acts of compassion to others, perhaps by being more generous with your time and resources, or anything else that God brings to mind; then, commit to doing those things this week.

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During the holiday season, it is easy to get caught up in the noisy and materialistic culture Christians are surrounded by that is focused on consumption and even greed. These moments of greed and selfishness keep us closed off to the beauty of giving to others and experiencing God in that. The Generous Like Jesus Series is about becoming generous in the way Jesus is toward the world. Be generous like Jesus—and together—we can invest in the future of sharing the gospel and help more people become real with themselves, God, and others.