Who Am I?

Alfredo Ramos Week 1

Join Pastor Fredo as he dives into a series called IMAGE and why it's important to find our identity in Christ. Discover what it looks like to put down our false selves and embrace who God wants us to be!

Go to a quiet place where you can spend some time with God, reflecting on the sermon. How would you describe who you actually are? How does God see who you are in your new self? What are your thoughts and feelings about any differences between the two? Ask God to help you picture what your life would look like if you lived more from your new self than your old self. Ask God to help you discern those things you tend to rely on to tell you who you are rather than God. Do you tend to rely on possessions, performance, what others think, or something else? Confess the needs you have to God that you are trusting something else to meet rather than God providing them.

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There is an issue of identity in your culture today. Trying to find your worth, safety, and happiness in success, relationships, money, skills, or other earthly things. These are false identities rooted in and motivated by fear. Fear of losing these things or who you are without them. Our true identity is in Christ, secured by, rooted in, motivated by love, and based on heavenly things. This series is all about leaning into this true identity in Christ, exploring and celebrating in it. Closing the gap between what we say we believe and how we actually live and where we find our worth, security, and happiness.