I am in Christ

Alfredo Ramos Week 2

As Pastor Fredo dives into what it means to be ‘in Christ’. He offers a perspective that acknowledges who we were, accepts who we are now and encourages us in our pursuit of being more like Jesus.


Examine the words or phrases you use to describe yourself. What do these say about how you value yourself and/or what you find personal meaning in? Ask God to reveal any lies about yourself that seem true–when these come up, invite God to write a new narrative about who He sees that you are. If God’s new narrative seems hard to believe, ask Him for evidence from your life that reinforces how He sees you. Consider writing down these affirmations of your identity in Christ in your journal or in the space below, using the phrase: “I am _______” and filling in the blank with these personal words from God.

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There is an issue of identity in your culture today. Trying to find your worth, safety, and happiness in success, relationships, money, skills, or other earthly things. These are false identities rooted in and motivated by fear. Fear of losing these things or who you are without them. Our true identity is in Christ, secured by, rooted in, motivated by love, and based on heavenly things. This series is all about leaning into this true identity in Christ, exploring and celebrating in it. Closing the gap between what we say we believe and how we actually live and where we find our worth, security, and happiness.