Supernatural Savior

Claude Hickman Week 3

Every religion has a different view of God, humanity, and salvation. How can we trust a relationship with Jesus is the one real way? In a world full of different teachings and philosophies, do you know someone who struggles with believing that Christianity and Jesus is the ultimate truth? Invite them to watch as we learn more about the SuperNatural Savior and how to talk about that with others.

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Let's Get SuperNatural This Summer. Like every adventure, there are unexpected challenges, moments to test our faith and times when we have to choose to stand our ground. Is it dangerous to have moments of doubts along the way? Can we trust God will lead us safely through our circumstances even if when we can’t see him? In this year's SuperNatural series, we'll talk about how to navigate the complicated and real questions others ask us about Christianity and the questions we may ask ourselves. On this adventure, there is more than meets the mind.