Jesus Heals Through Us

Jeff Whye Week 9

Thank you so much for watching with us here at Sandals Church. We are in a series called The Healer: His Name is Jesus. It has been such a powerful series, we've been able to see people healed from illness, relational wounds, trauma, and so much more. As we come to the culmination of this series this week, we have a powerful worship experience and a great message from our Online Campus Pastor Jeff Whye! Join us now as we hear from Pastor Jeff in his sermon, Jesus Heals Through Us!

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We know Jesus is our Lord and Savior, but do we know him as a healer? If we have seen anything in our world these last two years, it is that we are desperate for healing. Whether it be in regards to the pandemic, our relationships or our emotions, we all need some form of healing. In the Healer Series, Pastor Matt teaches us how to experience the healing power of Jesus.