How Jesus Empowered Women

Matt Brown Week 2

When most people think of religion, they think of a misogynistic, oppressive system that does not give women rights. While the church falls into that same category, Jesus showed us how to treat women differently. Join us as we continue in our sermon series She/Her with a message titled How Jesus Empowered Women, from our lead pastor, Pastor Matt Brown!

Prayerfully consider how Jesus viewed and treated women; is there any attitude, mindset, or behavior that you need to change in order to become more like Him? What do you feel God wants to challenge in you? Ask God to give you a listening ear and a willing spirit as you learn to honor others and to step more fully into your calling.

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What does the Bible say about what it means to be a woman? The Bible teaches that God made humans male and female and that gender is sacred - but how the church has historically understood the roles of men and women and how they work together has varied. She/Her is a teaching series on what the Bible has to say about God's design for femininity, who some of the key female figures are in the story of the Bible, and what those stories teach us about the gift of women today.