Fit 2018: Making Sure You Are Fit for Heaven

Matt Brown Week 4

How do you get ready for heaven? Who is going to make it into heaven? Talking about what comes after this life can make a lot of us uncomfortable — or just flat-out confused. So let’s talk about it together. If you know someone who has questions about heaven or how to get there, don't miss the chance to invite them to watch the last FIT experience of the year. Pastor Matt Brown is talking about how to make sure we are fit for heaven.

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You’re the only one who can cross your finish line. And the only way to get there is to start. This new year, we’re all starting together. No matter what lane you’re in, what you want to improve, or where you want to go, we’re here to help you show up. No one is perfect. We all miss the mark. This year, find a better fit.