Challenging Your Faith

Matt Brown Week 3

Having a tough week? Have you ever felt that life's circumstances have challenged your faith? Have you ever thought God has abandoned you because of the hard times in life? How do you react to people who challenge your faith? Do you fight back? Do you run and hide? Do you post a rant on social media? In this message, Pastor Matt shows us how a faith that is not challenged can lead us to trust in our desires over our beliefs and how we can trust God in hard times. Invite a friend to watch this with you.

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What’s the momentum pushing you forward? Are you being pushed by fear or faith? Consider all that can be done in your relationships, future and finances with even the smallest amount of faith. Faith is powerful but challenging. It takes work, requires community, and must be tested to be real. Over the next 40 days, we are going to grow our faith together as a church. We’re going to challenge each other to pray faithfully and choose faith over fear. If you know someone who is ready to step into real faith, invite them to watch this video, you do not want to miss.