A Story That’s Not Just for Mothers

Melody Workman Week 4

The stories we have in the Bible teach us how to live by inviting us to see ourselves in the characters and experiences. In the Old Testament, there is a famous story of a woman named Abigail who through her humility and wisdom overcomes an intense and trying circumstance. Abigail is a powerful example for us of a woman in the Bible who led and succeeded by her character. This story invites us to look at ourselves and how we process hard experiences. In God's economy, the wise and humble rise above.

Ask God to show you what your reputation is with those who experience you on a regular basis. Do they trust you to have wisdom and discernment? Or are you reactive and prone to anger? Confess anything you might need to confess to God right now and ask Him to show you where (and how) you can grow in wisdom.

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