The Love of God Changes Me

Matt Brown Week 2

Love has taken on various meanings in our culture, but often times it is use to refer to the attractions we have and the desires we want. The Bible offers us a different view of love, one that brings us into a deeper connection with ourselves, God, and others. Join us as we continue in our sermon series, The Essentials, as Pastor Matt teaches his sermon titled "The Love of God Changes Me."

In what way have you experienced the love of God? Reflect on how your thoughts, feelings, and actions have been changed by trusting in God’s love for you. What helps you trust that God loves you without reservation? What causes you to doubt His love for you? Ask God to reveal how you can live in greater obedience to Him so that you can experience His love for you more deeply.

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Whether you are a new Christian or have been a Christian for a long time, we all need to be asking ourselves, ‘What are the next steps for me in my personal walk with Jesus?’ Maybe you’re new to faith and don’t know where to start. Maybe you want to go deeper in your faith but don’t know how. Over the next 10 weeks, Sandals Church will be teaching through a masterclass of the essentials of a Christian life; what it looks like to follow Jesus and continue his work of multiplication in our individual lives.