The Awe of God

John Bevere Week 5

Join us today with Pastor John Bevere as he unpacks the truth of Holiness. He explores the importance of prayer in the pursuit of holiness and the experience of God's divine presence.

Think about your experience with the presence and intimacy of God. Picture what that experience looks like. Recall a recent time in which you sensed His presence. As you reflect on this experience, what are your thoughts and feelings? Ask Him to help you discern the extent to which you are experiencing this intimacy and His awesomeness. Pray He will reveal any of your behaviors that are hindering your sense of awe and closeness to God. Ask Him to lead you this week in taking an action that He will use to help you obey Him from the heart and experience His presence in a deeper way.

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You cannot be a Christian without prayer. The Christian life is rooted in prayer. There are many reasons why Christians struggle to pray consistently, even though they know they should. The distracting noise of our world, not having the desire to pray, not knowing how to pray, or not feeling safe to say, ‘I don’t know how to pray (or pray consistently),’ are just some of the major barriers to prayer. In this series, ‘40 Days of Prayer,’ the barriers to and myths about prayer will be addressed, and our congregation will be educated and equipped to pray and implement consistent, healthy, and meaningful prayer rhythms and practices into their lives, as well as learn about different forms of prayer. These rhythms, practices, teachings, and truths around prayer will come from the life and example of the man who was the closest to God, Jesus.