God’s Will for Healing

Matt Brown Week 5

When we ask for healing, God responds with either: yes, no or wait. The first two can be easy—we got our answer! But "wait" can be the hardest one. Sometimes a "wait" is an invitation to a deeper relationship with Christ. Sometimes a "wait" is for situations outside of our control. Regardless of the circumstances, a "wait" answer to our prayer shows that God has a plan bigger than us. As we head into week five of our series The Healer: His Name is Jesus, Pastor Matt shares God's will for healing and how we should approach him with our requests.

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We know Jesus is our Lord and Savior, but do we know him as a healer? If we have seen anything in our world these last two years, it is that we are desperate for healing. Whether it be in regards to the pandemic, our relationships or our emotions, we all need some form of healing. In the Healer Series, Pastor Matt teaches us how to experience the healing power of Jesus.