Finding Joy When You Struggle with Anxiety

Matt Brown Week 7

What is it about summer that when it finally arrives, our anticipation melts into anxiety? That road trip becomes too “complicated,” the boss shortens vacation time, or the kids’ activities take over our own. What if instead of avoiding anxiety we could use it as a tool? If you know someone struggling with stress and worry, invite them to watch this video! Pastor Matt will be giving us real advice on how to turn those feelings into joy.

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College graduation. New career. New car. Girlfriend. Boyfriend. Wedding. Marriage. House. Baby. Happiness? The trajectory of our lives strives towards what’s supposed to mean more happiness or at least the anticipation of it, but what do we really have? This summer, join us as we learn how to hack our happiness so we can move past a quick fix and find what’s Beyond Happy. This is the perfect series to bring a friend and hold a puppy.