Desperate for a Miracle

Alfredo Ramos Week 7

Sometimes we can get in the way of the miracle that Jesus has for us because of where our focus is. As Pastor Fredo continues in this series on Miracles, he challenges us to listen to what Jesus is calling us into as we ask Him for what we need!

Ask God to help you discern where in your life you are feeling desperate for a miracle. Why are you feeling desperate to be healed in this area? What are your feelings when you think about how Jesus looks upon your suffering with compassion? Confess to Jesus your desperation and tell Him what you want Him to do for you. Plan to take an action step this week and close your time by praising Him for His ability to heal you and His compassionate concern for your suffering.

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Miracles are real and still happening today. In this series, ‘Miracles,’ our church will be invited to rethink the miracles that Jesus performed while on earth, as well as the miracles that happen today. All while asking how these miracles point back to Jesus and the ultimate miracle: his resurrection.